Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Melbourne Shuffle Teams

I have had a few comments about why I have interviewed and profiled Apek and the JB Shufflers

Apek and the JB Shufflers are just the first of many Shuffle teams Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool wants to profile.

I have emailed other Malaysian teams since Apek, but they have not wanted to be interviewed, which is okay.

Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool has thousands of regular readers from over 50 countries around the world.

I think teams are great. I think choreography is great. They are a new development for the Melbourne Shuffle and Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool wants to support you.

Yes, the Melbourne Shuffle is a free style dance form, and that means you are also free to do choreography if you want. It gives you a chance to do some spectacular dancing and explore the potential the Melbourne Shuffle has for dancing in groups. I don't think anybody has a problem with that.

So if you want your team to be interviewed, or want to suggest some teams, please post some details and links in the comments of this post so we can follow them up, and see if they want to be interviewed.

And lets see some Belgian and Dutch jump style Melbourne Shufflers in there too. And what about the American's. 30% of the Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool readers are from America, come on guys and girls, lets hear about you and see your Melbourne Shuffle

It will be a great way for teams to become more well known. Especially if team members are interested in becoming professional Melbourne Shufflers.

If you can make a living out of doing what you love, you are in heaven. The Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool, is more than happy if we can help you achieve that.

Remember: Choreography, No Choreography, Team or No Team, it is ALL the Melbourne Shuffle. Let us all help in developing the Melbourne Shuffle to become greater than it already is.

After all, if the new generation of Shufflers didn't contribute and build on what the Oldskool had started, none of us would be doing it, or watching and enjoying it today.

Bring on the Future, nuskool or oldskool, team or individual, choreograph or free form, beginners or professional, there can be hundreds of moves, hundreds of teams, it's everyones freedom, it's everyone's Melbourne Shuffle.

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